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  1. Use the oyster source well, and taste works for one’s own original fried rice to a roasted pork fillet; and quite delicious winding

    • 自作レシピ
  2. Time when I thought that I want to eat a Thai dish in Temma is a lucky day. Winding of the game mysterious in ヌンディアウ

    • 大阪市北区
  3. 大阪エキマルシェのかにチャーハン

    The specialty store in Kani fried rice, located in Okimarache at Osaka station, was a bit expensive but it was a delicious fried rice flavor.

    • 大阪市北区
  4. Taiwan fried rice with delicious taste of savory soy sauce. Umeda’s Hankyu Third Avenue noodles and marches

    • 大阪市北区
  5. Rice fried rice which carries the tassels of umami in Higashi Seiko

    • 奈良県
  6. Beside the Shin-Osaka subway side, it gets crowded with a price similar to a certain Chinese chain,

    • 大阪市淀川区
  7. It was the king general I thought as a franchise in the past, but … When I go, it is direct management. But Kimchi rice was delicious so it’s good

    • 大阪市北区
  8. Frozen food without authentic taste of double sauce without repeat mistakes! Dawn of the Akebono

    • 冷凍食品
  9. Almost everyone close to Itami airport Chinese-style restaurant that you wish to drive, Kadoya ister shop prepared

    • 大阪府
  10. Sanjiomi for the first time, Chinese food loved by seniors of the old workplace is a clerk’s welcome ◎ Fried rice also plump fluffy round roll

    • 三宮駅