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  1. Fried rice with Tenma noodle “noodles and lotus and noodles” that you can eat the ultimate Bamboo noodles is exquisite volume

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  2. The arrangement of Ajinomoto’s shrimp praf was delicious even if it failed, it was a superb frozen food

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  3. It is slightly expensive, but it is delicious, with a lot of ingredients and taste deeply, the winding of the cooked rice and dish of the Central Element

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  4. Seven-Eleven Superintendent of Ginza Delhi Dry curry was delicious which jumped several times in arrangement

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  5. In Japan, Daiichi Asahi has nine lines, its part, Kobe Daiichi Asahi’s fried rice is very charming and it feels quite a bit strange.

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  6. The chicken ramen soup flavor’s flavor is excellent, Nissin’s frozen food “Golden fried rice” ※ But noodles were few · · ·

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  7. Made with only eggs of refrigerator and kimchi only, handmade kimchi fried rice challenge volume

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  8. People who make it look similar, but it seems to be a bit different, “Shin-Umeda dining area” Shinnou Part 2 “

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  9. Sorry for the time being! Manchurian-san! It is rude to say that I did not think she was delicious, but I did see it.

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  10. Shuangda esophagus street’s old-fashioned Chinese-made fried rice is a dish that feels good old taste! “Peace Palace”

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