Seven-Eleven gave the side meal of 1,000 bunches! Though is darker than other companies frozen food, and is delicious; hyper … which is

When I went to Seven-Eleven for shopping, I found it.

Because “the side meal of 1,000 bunches” of the frozen food was sold, I bought it immediately and did it! !
The front is shin … with the thing that the turn is early though the toasted rice ball of the violet was just sold of the miso ramen shop

※I checked it later
It does not seem to be this Seven-Eleven-limited.
I may sell in other convenience stores.


The sale is like 1,000 bunches Holdings,; but the production is you you foods Co., Ltd., the place that checked
It is like a company producing it in a frozen fried rice specialty, there are too many strange products at store.
Seem to sell the freezing fried rice for business use, and feel that want to eat this,; quite appetizing …

By the way, the story returns to the side meal of 1,000 bunches and wants to make it.

It is a frying pan this time! !!

After all I think~. which goes though I say that a frying pan is delicious as for the frozen fried rice several times How does everybody think? ?


A very dark color is smart before frying it.

The photograph in in the kitchen being dark just brought every frying pan to a dining table in at twilight time and it was daring and has just eaten.

The taste that the taste is the feeling that thickened a common freezing side meal, and is only slightly spicy hides behind in the depths. Very delicious.
The ingredient is an onion and a leek and cabbage and pork in Maine natural a side.
I throw away a receipt, and I think that it was the price of reliable around 320 yen, and the price may be slightly high, but the value eating is an ant! !

Fried rice parameter

A purchase shop: Seven-Eleven August 16, 2018

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  3. It’s delicious than a hen thrower shop … Nichirei’s full-flavored stir fried rice

  4. Seven Eleven’s Addict It was delicious when I tried making rich fried rice with Kimchi fried rice.

  5. The arrangement of Ajinomoto’s shrimp praf was delicious even if it failed, it was a superb frozen food

  6. Five fried rice to feel the taste of bamboo shoots. Feeling serious of Nichirei … “Five-eyed fried rice” Volume

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