The splendor that the best taste in Japan and the king of Mikage talked about feel expert technique in the king of the gyoza! の winding

I went to Mikage store of the king of the gyoza today.

I think the seasoning that probably is original to be it in this king, shop which, in fact, are talked about in a king if the Japan’s most delicious that you grow on.
A thing is only a possibility size of FC (franchise) even Japan’s most when a difference is reflected on taste that I make you say it.

There is it in the north side of Mikage Station of Hanshin. Because it is located in the neighbor of クラッセ on foot for approximately five minutes, it is near


The time when I went was before 14:00, but was full.
Gee, … which after all is the Japan’s greatest.

Oh, this was able to enter it in four or five minutes because one and the waiting visitor who were one were several sets.

Probably the shop looks forward to a feeling to think to be FC.

I order fried rice 400 yen and fried vegetables 410 yen.


At first the fried vegetables is different from time of the king of いつぞやの Tenjinbashi line 6 in a means well.

Well, it is this ↓



It was totally different from the normal king shop when I continued the taste because I had begun to talk from fried vegetables. Naturally delicious one was delicious, but was the seasoning with the flavor that let some acidity work.

And that it was delicious, and the toasted rice ball was called a king was the seasoning of the feeling that I ate in a Chinese restaurant.
Because I considerably fanned it by strong heat a whole bunch, it is a burning hot toasted rice ball.

I knew it in the future
The menu to be different from other kings here seems to be gyoza, toasted rice ball, Tianjin meal.
The next will eat the gyoza by all means.

Fried rice parameter

A store’s name: King Mikage store of the gyoza
An address: 1-13-8, Mikagenakamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
telephone: 078-854-0682

お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


  1. Takarazuka Nakaguchi somehow Ramen shop lucky late in the night “wood” tree trees are high-tech and

  2. Before eating it is a fried ramen fried rice or something … not at all! What flavor? What? “Noodle Shop Takumi” near Itami station

  3. The union of yakisoba and rice, your name is so-so. in Kobe’s Okonomiyakiya “Hikari”

  4. Homemade noodles are pretty good, no soup is good … Tell me no baked rice! Near the Kobe station “Homemade noodle made noodles”

  5. I met him at Kobayashi station. At least this opportunity to get off at the station, try paradish fried rice here by all means

  6. Is this genuine Chinese food taste? ? Fried rice of Shunde of Kobe, Motomachi. The kitchen Chinese

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