If a toasted rice ball is delicious; the south BAN bower head office of Toyonaka of the reputation is I went! The password should make a large servingI went

When is south ばん bower of Toyonaka-shi, a nearest station; is approximately five minutes from Shibahara Station of the Osaka monorail to the east.

It is a shop of the reputation that it is a shop giving ramen called the white ramen, but a toasted rice ball is delicious.
Because I just happened to pass by neighborhood, I stopped a whole bunch because it was a precious chance and ate.

I think that there is not it too much at the station to come in other purposes without in the convenience-related area that there is to there when it is said that I say Osaka monorail in north side area of Osaka with the convenience to transportation, and is it recommendation that go by cars?
(eight are fully equipped with the stopped parking lot properly)


The shop is located near the rotary early shop which I eat quickly because the speed that I narrow it a little, and a shop still only comes out to that there are around two tables in a counter and the depths is early, and appears.
※It is only the shop which is never OK even if I drink it slowly depending on time because there are beer and the knob!

I have forgotten to take a menu, but the 280 yen (five) ramen is reasonable with 500 yen 500 yen (as for the large serving 600 yen) and a gyoza a toasted rice ball.

It was assumed that it was in the bloom of the normal of the toasted rice ball this time before two gyozas.


The mouthful-like size that the gyoza is slightly small-sized on soup to a toasted rice ball.

At first is a toasted rice ball, but, as for thinking, 進 むんですよ, かきこみで food drink water a lotus flower that should make a large serving; and is ズズ っと with the soup of these pork bones flavor.
I think that the taste fried it with salt and Chinese seasoning in thinness, a roasted pork fillet and a leek and the taste of ingredient materials of the egg appear, and exquisite, are the oil addition and subtraction thinness to the first share? ? いやー heap of りにすりゃよかったなーっと that taste do not work for と 思 breath and the third share and munches afterward if a tapir tapir is mysterious.

When there are juicy pro-meat juices of the lard with the large めの feeling of the cabbage all dried out in bean jam, a gyoza is not a thing of the feelings.
But it is very delicious and may be the taste to be able to taste mysterious, and to become the habit such as the ingredient of the okonomiyaki slightly.

If other visitors often order more entering garlic of the white ramen and it may be recommended one, goes again this time, I will eat.

Fried rice parameter



A store’s name: The south ばん bower head office
An address: 2-2-5, Sakuranocho, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka
telephone: 06-6853-8300


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