I went at last! !The thing fried rice which is 匠 of famous ramen shop “総大醤” of Tenjinbashi line 6 is a horse

At last! !At last! !I went.
総大醤! !ソウダイショウー! !

I ate fried rice and ramen of 総大醤 where but it was some kind of programs and was championship of the fried rice and Mr. shampoo hat のてつじ also said to on TV before if メチャ was delicious.

To be frank, is hard to readily go because slightly delicate place and distance include it; and …

The nearest station becomes Tenjimbashisuji-Rokuchome Station.
Should I say the place that fell down to the west a little?

Ramen is a ramen shop doing an additive-free home brew to a gourd from noodles from soup.


With half Chan set, I had a set with the salt ramen.

While I am waiting, I stuff my mouth with kimchi all-you-can-eat を.
By the way, is it a Korean restaurant called ball one of Temma? ? It is の kimchi.



Surely delicious.

The toasted rice ball of the seasoning that resembled a ramen shop salt element of Temma for a system of the taste. メチャ is delicious.


Probably will the ingredient use the sauce of 黒大醤 (soy sauce ramen) which I use for ramen for an egg and a roasted pork fillet and a leek, the taste?

And it is daring and wields a wok as a builder and charms you.

Fried rice parameter


A store’s name: 総大醤
An address: 2-4-16, Ukida, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
telephone: 06-6375-8260


お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


  1. The round cook ball cooked rice is good, the sauce is also good! Shin Umeda esophagus street student (part one)

  2. Nasi goreng is Indonesian grilled rice! This is awesome and delicious. Tencha Tea Shop “with Tanaya”

  3. It is awkward in a good way, but this seasoning is good! “Yangtze River Ramen Prestige” in the east street shopping district groaning.

  4. If you say cheap, early and honeymoon Chinese of the Tenjinbashi Muscle 6 chome, you should be “the eleventh”! Fried rice is also cheap! That price! What?

  5. If a toasted rice ball is delicious; the south BAN bower head office of Toyonaka of the reputation is I went! The password should make a large servingI went

  6. Chinese food restaurant called Takatsuki’s dumpling heaven is a specialty shop that brings a delicious fried rice to the shop front that feels the times

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