Use the oyster source well, and taste works for one’s own original fried rice to a roasted pork fillet; and quite delicious winding
にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ

くる天 人気ブログランキング
I challenge one’s own fried rice this time.

The ingredients which I prepared
・Green pepper
・Handmade roasted pork fillet
・It is higher than an egg.

①I prepare a lump of the chuck for the roasted pork fillet or the common sirloin.
As I only use it for fried rice, it is OK at 150-200 g.
A frying pan is good and heats it and burns the entire surface to coat it with a burnt mark.
I pour sauce of Yoshida Dental Trade Distribution in the place that has finished being burnt moderately (five cups of tablespoons and three cups of water tablespoons) and bring it to a boil.



I let I take you off fire and just leave a dish simmered in afterwards over a low heat for approximately ten minutes, and taste soak.
If burn しないぐらいまで cools down even if I touch it, I take it out and cut it to a 1cm nucleus.

The roasted pork fillet is OK in this.

②I cut an onion and a green pepper into long pieces.
It is a wait in what there is few it, and fry salt and pepper in the frying pan which pulled one cup of teaspoon quickly over a high heat for approximately one minute, and move sesame oil whether it is with a plate, or it is a bat, and is after it, and use the ingredients materials which I also cut.

③I put tablespoon 2, and smoke heats salad oil to appearing, and an egg is spent by a frying pan. Put an egg (is high flame till the last); and immediately rice (even cold rice is freshly cooked rice, but is OK, and use half thawing of the frozen rice this time)

I fry it while untying it after having put rice while mixing it with an egg.
I think whether I should do it while smashing a place becoming the lump of the rice with something like spatula.
In the place that I did it at time and fried for – approximately two minutes in 1 and a half minutes
①I put the thing which fried vegetables of の roasted pork fillet and ② and put heat in the whole.
At this time, enter, and fry one cup of salt teaspoon one cup Ajinomoto teaspoon; the whole is injection at one cup – one cup of tablespoons and a half in an oyster source in a para-っとしてきた place

And I put the thing which I fried in an area with Shikimi of the oyster into a half month form and return rice which fried sake before juicy っと is burnt in one cup of tablespoon and soy sauce teaspoon one cup it to the frying pan bottom and fry the whole.

※It is technique to burn it on pan skin in the case of a this wok quickly, and to give a nice smell with soy sauce.
As it is a home frying pan, I burn it in such a way and show a flavor.

In fact, without neglecting to take a photograph, and only finished things being produced in the process making these desperately.
What kind of color is it? Equal が does not come and is sorry.

And the finished thing is this.













The taste of the oyster works for the taste and is very delicious.

As I boiled it with the Yoshida Dental Trade Distribution sauce with the soy sauce feeling that is generous in a homemade roasted pork fillet, the taste appears, and it also starts a taste.
It is the taste that is considerably good for fried rice to cook in a house.

… still more far-off with the delicious fried rice to be able to merely eat in the ramen shop of that salt element.

Ramen shop

How do you do it・・・??

Please try it.