Time when I thought that I want to eat a Thai dish in Temma is a lucky day. Winding of the game mysterious in ヌンディアウ
にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ

くる天 人気ブログランキング

On a day (that hot week of July, 2018.) that is very hot today, …) which I will remember if I write it when I forgot it sometime

Some area updated temperature, or is the intense heat of the disaster level; or the news is intense heat day after day まぁ! Intense heat! Is a chain of islands scorching? ? He/she says that I am.

By the way, stop the toasted rice ball today
I walked the Tenjinbashi road of the neighborhood of Temma toward the north to cool it with ZURUZURU, and to have even udon.

It is hot, and do not die of heat when it is Tenjinbashi line 6 or walks to … there when it is not decided, and the noodle shop goes to the north as it is.
Yes, I am! !Anything is all right! !
Is there not the mysterious shop which has not been contained anyway? !!

I have found it really accidentally.
I pretended not to look though I knew it from no, the past.



Thai dish restaurant, ヌンディアウ …

Stand out, and go from this photograph depths right, but the inside is very incomprehensible; a mystery veil.

“Embarrassment is the life”. Yellow monkey by Silvers Reilly

It is right such a state of mind.

I never go if I do not go for the embarrassment in this timing either.

I cannot but go! !!!!

I confirm a menu for the time being in front of っとその in store closing time.



I quit it, and let’s make the third! !There is roasting めが of the chicken on a toasted rice ball; and such as 香辛 such as the paprika look, and look delicious.

Entering a shop! !!

There was a seat at a table suddenly toward you, and I did a slide walk there, and there were approximately five seats of counters to the left hand.


I confirm it to see a menu again.

I quit it and am the third without the hesitation! !




Yes, it is too much different from a sample wonderfully! !!

Just a toasted rice ball is there not it? !

It is mysterious and is a mysterious game.

Aunty of the kitchen which gave with a smile in Thailand unconcernedly, this become reddish; and …

But is which group with the person that it cannot be said that it is the person who can say here? ?

I cannot say. Besides, a Thai, it cannot be said.


At first it is noodles
It was slightly fatty soup, but, as for the taste, the noodles which seemed to be four of the soup stock-like flavor transparence entered the very delicious Japanese taste, and the paste gem of a tubular fish meat or the fish only entered, and one 2cm nucleus such as the scrap of the tsukune meat entered.

And an ingredient has abundant toasted rice balls.
Sweet potato, onion, carrot, egg, leek, パクチー enter.
The taste is fragrant in salt and Ajinomoto and finishes it.

The taste is honest kana or is delicious.

Therefore … which wanted you to work properly to ride the meat which there was to the photograph.

Iced coffee was released with mango jelly being carried on serving meals in dessert last.


A store’s name: ヌンディアウ
An address: Five 〒 530-0041 5, Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 7-12 sky mutual prosperity Building 1F telephone: 06-6881-1810