Rice fried rice which carries the tassels of umami in Higashi Seiko
にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ

くる天 人気ブログランキング

It is a little tough on foot on foot from Higashi – Ikoma Station, but it is in about 15 minutes.
“Baked rice cracker ramen overlooking” baked rice!

There was business in Nara direction for the first time in several years, which went only with opportunities.

It is a little distance from the station so we recommend going by car.
Parking lot also available.
I do not recommend it much, but since Kaedenski is in front of me, if there is a plan to buy it
Even if it is stopped, it is not. If there are shopping to the last! !

It is a rich tangerine ramen, but I’d like to try eating that ramen as soon as it has a reputation.
Wow delight.


It is decided by natural soy sauce and fried rice set! !
Since it becomes a set exceeding 1000 yen, it is a little hard for wallet circumstances.
But it is inevitable that we want to try rumor noodles too.

Well done! !


First of all, it is ramen, but this is delicious.
Certainly I understand that it is rich in tonkotsu feeling quietly as the reputation of the net
I can get along with sulcrum and noodles.
Menma, green onion, purple onion, condiment like autumn leaves grated, kai ware, etc. are on board
It is a cup that feels like something about each detention.
There was also a little black oil like a finished oil.
Chashuwa can choose half-baked or not, this time is half-life. It ended with two mouths. delicious···.

And fried rice. Unlike the menu, something like a rice cake is on top
“Delightful” rides not scheduled from the start stage ….
It is also a barbecue with sweet soy sauce and this goes with rice. Umm! !
The roasted rice part itself is a simple thing made with only eggs
Chashued on top and sweet sauce are mixed, and spicy green onion, sesame seeds and hint of peppers.
This is okay.


I definitely recommend it.

Aside from that,
Since I had time, I went to the Heijyo-kyo ruins.
It’s quite good.


And there is Cornan nearby,
There is a frozen drink on the vending machine there at -5 degrees on the verge of freezing
Summer specification that it buys it in too much heat, it freezes at the moment it opens, it becomes sherbet like.
This is also good taste! !
This is also recommended this past few days, which is said to be hot.

Shop name: heavy pork cutlet ramen
Address: 〒 630-0213 Nara Prefecture Ikoma-shi Tokoiko 1-chome 535
Phone: 0743-20-8029