Beside the Shin-Osaka subway side, it gets crowded with a price similar to a certain Chinese chain,

I went there because there is a shop in Shin – Osaka which is famous for Nankin – cho in Kobe.

Pork is famous, but at lunch I cook ramen and fried rice and fried chicken.
(Convenience that you can eat quickly before riding the Shinkansen because it is in the immediate place of the Midosuji line ticket gate)

And the single item of grilled rice is set as 400 yen and price as a certain Chinese cuisine chain.


Baked rice and a little bit of feeling and chopping deep-fried in a single item!

It is predicted that it may be unexpectedly less because there is a big baked rice in another menu.
I forgot to take a picture, but there is also a set menu with lunch ramen
In that case, the price of ramen plus roasted rice with a price of around 200 yen
Cha Han option can be made cheaply when set.


It came out!
Sorry, as expected after all. I’m glad I asked you to deep-fried.

Taste is stirring with salt and Ajinomoto while feeling like general fried rice that lightly souped Chinese soup.
Just a little disappointing
It seems that the white rice section has been scattered pretty well, and the stir-frying was insufficient.


Well, I can eat it at 400 yen, it comes out quite quickly
It may be better than eating higher on the Shinkansen premises.

Equipment contained leeks, eggs, carrots and small menma.


Store name: Emperor Arde Shin-Osaka store
Address: 16-1 Nishinakajima Nishi Nakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone: 06-6307-1216


  1. Time when I thought that I want to eat a Thai dish in Temma is a lucky day. Winding of the game mysterious in ヌンディアウ

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  3. Nasi goreng is Indonesian grilled rice! This is awesome and delicious. Tencha Tea Shop “with Tanaya”

  4. Eggs ride on fried rice, and there are various toppings as well as a new sense of fried rice! “Charley” near Tennoji

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  6. Almost everyone close to Itami airport Chinese-style restaurant that you wish to drive, Kadoya ister shop prepared

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