Frozen food without authentic taste of double sauce without repeat mistakes! Dawn of the Akebono

This time it is frozen food.

I think that there are many people who probably know, but I will eat it with a little arrangement.
Akebono’s sweet!


I would like to finish this in ome with soybean eggs.
(Just because the egg’s expiration date is near, I will use it for this)

Because I had a time to practice with a time I could make beautiful omelets myself
While being amateurs, I am satisfied with self-satisfied that I can do it beautifully.
In the egg juice a little bit of milk and a little salt and pepper.

Put 3 g of butter in a frying pan, put eggs and mix with chopsticks and chopsticks, at the timing when it got moderate softness
I will mold the skillet and crush it.


I divide this omelet with a kitchen knife with this refreshing omelet.

There are almost half of rice and soba
Because it contains sauce, it is spicy and slightly delicious.
The ingredients are cabbage, carrot, leek, pork.


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