Almost everyone close to Itami airport Chinese-style restaurant that you wish to drive, Kadoya ister shop prepared

Because it is an area that you have only to go by car, except for the people of the airport staff near the Itami airport
It is a lively Chinese restaurant where people gather in line with cars.

I think that it will be good to prepare for nearly 30 minutes to 1 hour to be ordered.
※ Please note that it is only done at night


It really aligns with mecha …
Even after entering the shop there is a space to line up a bit
There is a person who is eating beside that, and you have to eat side by side with side by side
Depending on the seat, you have to eat while feeling strange pressure
It depends on luck which seat is available! !

Luckily things came up, it was good.

While I am lining up, I will answer to you how many people I am going to ask for gyoza’s order.


I made dumplings and taikishi and CA recommended shrimp mayonnaise.

Pretty kitchen is busy situation … First, dumplings appeared.


A gyoza of a size small and a little small, it is tasty.

Ebimayo and takedown as well as taste comment later
The amount is small! !

It was a bit disappointing for a reasonable price.

The ingredients of baked goods are ham, leeks, eggs.
The taste is slightly pale type finished with salt and Ajinomoto with some Chinese condiments.
It is a type to prepare cooked in lightly fried cold rice condition beforehand.
The taste is quite delicious but really few. About a cup of tea cup, Well.

Ebimayo is about 5 yen at 820 yen. Oh ….

However, it seems that the specialty is like rice bowl, rice bowl, rice bowl or noodles, which was included in bowls in parallel
I wonder if there is a response to eating
What kind of taste is it! What? I am curious and I would like to go there soon next time.


Store name: Kadoya
Address: 5-26 1 – chome Ikeda city Osaka prefecture
Phone: 06-6853-8320

にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ くる天 人気ブログランキング クリエイターサイト


  1. A good feeling oyazi in the northern side out of Hankyu’s Kappa Alley runs, the volume of ramen peace

  2. It is attractive that you can enjoy various lunches. Quite plenty of crab meat sauce fried rice! Ball ball of Tenmabashi Bridge

  3. Sorry for the time being! Manchurian-san! It is rude to say that I did not think she was delicious, but I did see it.

  4. It is awkward in a good way, but this seasoning is good! “Yangtze River Ramen Prestige” in the east street shopping district groaning.

  5. I went at last! !The thing fried rice which is 匠 of famous ramen shop “総大醤” of Tenjinbashi line 6 is a horse

  6. Oh, I wonder … Well no, the king of Takatsuki is quite rich in menus, call, cooked rice cooked curry

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