Both ramen and fried rice black black appearance, but despite eating it is not salty Delicious fried rice Shinchuku Akan

Kyoto went to the Kyobashi branch of Shinfuku Akan at the head office.
Many people like quite a lot, but I think that the first person is surprised at a black rice dish in a ramen of black soup.
Just it is delicious
I wanted to eat it after a long time, so I went there.

My hungry is quite reduced, and I want to eat both fried rice and ramen for the first time in a while
Selection in B set where main dish is set meal!

But … this was the source of the mistake.

I ordered a little later. . .

Dodon ! !



It is too much …
A set against mini fried rice, why is B-set ordinary prime fried rice turned out like this?
Although it is difficult to convey on this picture, there are about 4 cups lightly in a cup.
Is not it the amount of about one and half?

And ramen mini.


However, the taste is nostalgic and I feel nostalgic as The Shukufuku Rapea.
The color is dark but tasty and delicious.
It is pretty simple, only about green onions and eggs. I am using special sauce that is also used for ramen there.
I studied everything, I am using soy sauce called Koyama brewery in Kyoto.
Someday I’d like to try buying this product and making it for me.


Did you just leave that amount? Because it seems to be
As it is, I managed to eat it. (I also eat all the rice besides I noticed after shooting!)


Shop name: Shinkuku Rajikan kiki Kyobashi store
Address: 6-22 1 – chome Higashi Nodamachi, Miyakojima – ku Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 534 – 0024 Osaka
Phone: 06-4801-8107

お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


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