Nichirei ‘s frozen dice steak pilaf is too tasty than I thought! Immediately one bag finished …

This time in frozen fried rice
I would like to eat Nichirei’s “Dice Steak Pilaf”.

I bought it because it was a bargain sale special price at the supermarket in the neighborhood, 198 yen (tax excluded).

I am looking forward to having a luxury feeling from the package.


I am worried about the letter of becoming delicious and new appearance …
Is it renewal of the item I had sold before?

The ingredients are green peppers, carrots. I have onions, green beans, and beef.

I got hungry today, so I went all in one bag.
I also roast it in a frying pan.


Since there was a green onion in the vegetable room, I tried putting it in the degree of flavoring.

Completed in translation.


I feel that it smells fragrant absolutely delicious.

Actually as a taste a little ethnic taste is working
It is really authentic with delicious taste like pilaf and it is delicious.

Even if it is served at this store, is not it possible to catch it at 700 yen for Pilaf?
I wish I could make this completely self-made, but how do I taste it?

Since soy sauce, beef extract, spices are written in the bag
These are like the protagonists of the taste, but there seems to be a key for spices.



お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


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