Nagahama Ramen which can enjoy quite authentic taste is fried rice like rice mixed with specialty shops. Minamimori Town “One two three”

I went to Nagahama Ramen ‘s Nogami Ramen, Namorimacho station (also at Osaka Tenmangu Graduate) station.

Located in the northeast from the station, the hotel is in a quiet area.
However, there are many shops that I would like to visit around here, and I think that I will probably come to chase rice again in this place soon.

As it seems on the net it was a shop feels like the season as it seems,



It is a shop that feels like having entered the season quite often.
Characters on the sign on the top are likely to be peeled off …

I’d like to enter for the time being.


Menu is stretched in long narrow store.
From the service menu of lunch, I will make a set of Nagahama Ramen and fried rice.

Wow pork bone system ramen is waiting for fun for the first time in 3 or 4 minutes.

came! ! ! It is quick! ! !


First of all, noodles came.

The taste of the pig bone system which I ate in Fukuoka long ago is solid and it is nostalgic. delicious! !

And red ginger and Kimchi are all you can enter.


Well the fried rice! !

Mr. What? Rather than stir-frying, it feels a little mixed rice.
Although it is hard to understand in the photograph, the white rice section is visible in places.

The ingredients contain eggs, carrots and age.


The taste is diluted.

Suddenly, looking at the table, the source character
I said that I like to put sauce at the shop in the place, but I put it here as well.

delicious! ! It is rice dish that feels good with sauce.

While eating something, I like SOLARISE to rice sauce of cartoon “MISUSHI SANBO”
A bargain with a construction company and a somewhat aggressive daughter match
There was a meeting that says that the source rice is embarrassed and can not say it,
Well it is such feeling. (Will the person in the late 30s understand the story of this manga · · ·)

Fried rice parlor
Not to be surprised at the fastest offering that can be made in the shop where the female teams feel like moms
And, fried rice is a lazy river, the sauce meets very well, so I remember the gyoza shrimp and I am still in front of feeling old.


Shop name: Ichinosan Kaori Machi Store
Address: 3-25 Red Mu-Cho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi Osaka Prefecture 530-0038
Phone: 06-6352-7267


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  4. It was the king general I thought as a franchise in the past, but … When I go, it is direct management. But Kimchi rice was delicious so it’s good

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