It is a shop with a reputation for dumplings, but I endure crying dumplings … But fried rice was golden and delicious! Osaka king of Kyobashi

As long as you see the shop’s website, as long as you see the internet eatery website
It is a shop having a reputation for dumplings,
There are plenty of menus, how about the taste of baked rice? What?

I was very worried and went to Osaka king of Kyobashi! !

The shop is about 5 minutes on foot from Kyobashi Station on each line.
There is a crowded McDonald’s, but it’s close to that
There is a shop on the street where there are slightly night shops.

Its name is also “Osaka king’s main head office”, not the king of dumplings, and there is no Osaka kingdom.
The atmosphere of the menu is somewhat similar to King Osaka.


The menu is rather
It is quite abundant. Today may be a good shop on the day of Chinese drinking party.

However, today I am in the daytime and I came to eat fried rice, so I think whether I should use it separately from the menu
Oh well there is also a lunch menu.

Oh! There is a char kara set with lunch set! !

Fried rice with fried chicken and salad, small bowl and soup. Because it seems to be filled with just a good belly
Decided on this! !


There are quite a few customers, so it seems that they are prosperous.
It is rough in a good way, I feel the air like the franchise dumplings king.
It is similar to the shirt of the franchise king general even to the shirt being worn.

came! Two fried chicken are a bit lonely, but it looks delicious again.
Expansion of fried rice, but slightly yellowish rice addition. Golden cooked rice? What?

The ingredients are such as leeks, eggs, onions, carrots, slices of barbecued eggs are very small.

The taste is slightly diluted with a plump system, it goes well with fried chicken.
It is delicious as it also has a sense of terrible as it is stirring with oil well.

Fried rice parlor
Rice cooked with coarse feel in the kitchen.
Slightly rice glowing yellow makes a difference in taste, in front of the skill of the skill of four people in the kitchen shining.


Shop name: dumpling sake rice Osaka Wang Kyobashi general head office
Address: 2-5-6 Katamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi Osaka prefecture 534-0025
Phone: 06-6356-0412


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