5 minutes on foot from the west exit of JR Kobe Station
There is a shop in the south side.

In fact this western side has little experience of walking, so from the east you can go to visit Harborland
There are many people going to come over there.

Just checking out there are quite a variety of restaurants
It is the exit on the west side that I feel there is a quest for exploration.
There is high-speed Kobe station, too.

This time I am going to a ramen shop more than Chinese-made food made homemade noodles
It is famous for “Soushua Sichuan Flame Noodle” etc. It seems to be a spicy hot HOT noodle dish.


Well I will go.

The suddenly ticket vending machines, I do not know the detailed menu yet …
Well, in the fight with price
It was decided as a rice noodle and baked rice set.
When it is lunch, baked rice is added at 200 yen and added to ramen menu OK.


There is a kitchen and the back is a noodle sushi space
The staff saw how they were kneading.

First of all, rice noodles appeared. It’s a creamy soup but it’s delicious with a bit of pungent taste.
It is delicious with blue sweet rice with shakiyaki too!


The grilled rice is the type of moist
Egg is still half-mature and has a feeling of keeping a little, maybe it may be subtle for those who like parapara
I liked it quite satisfactorily.
The ingredients are eggs, leeks and fried chishu, and its taste is diluted.
Just like sweet potatoes and squirrels of Namuru, you can eat as much as you want, so it was discovered that especially saui and rice dishes are going to match.

Fried rice parlor
Although it is tasty of moist system, compatibility of all-you-can-eat sauce and mozzy spicy namul is preeminent
Because it is a homemade noodle shop, there may be a reputation for noodles, but no ya-yakin! I feel like I am.


Store name: homemade noodles kimono king
Address: 4-8-3 Aioi-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture Shinagawa Mansion 1F
Phone: 078-371-8680

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