A good feeling oyazi in the northern side out of Hankyu’s Kappa Alley runs, the volume of ramen peace

Today I have a Kappa Alley in Umeda’s Hankyu
I went to a long-established ramen shop in the place which went further north.
I knew my existence until now but it was my first visit
It looks pretty tasty, inside the store as well.

Already inside the store seems to have stamped something regulars
Are you angry or not, are you talking hotly?
I came to work for 30 years, regular employees are regular employees. . .

Only this is not leaving my head.

Well I ordered cooked rice soup.

Oh, what is this?

Egg 10 yen. all-you-can-eat.
I heard in spite whether boiled eggs.
Such 2.3 pieces are conscientious with 10 cents to eat with perori!
After waiting for cooked rice for the time being, I checked the amount.

Now baked rice and soup came.

Slightly greasy, peppy, fried rice
But if you eat it is plump, it is tasty but it is cool.
What a delicate taste of wheat is. Well OK

And red ginger in front of you,
Because it is light, it fits this red ginger!
I said that I like to eat it with source before

It is a rare pattern that it is easy to eat baked rice with unlimited all-you-can-eat red-ginger as well as red-ginger.
We ordered all you can eat eggs because you did not have enough
It is an ordinary boiled egg
I will cure into the gap of the last stomach.

Fried rice parameters
Though there is a sense of oiliness but plump and pliant, before burning scent onions are scented

Store name: Ramen Peace
Address: 14 – 11 Shibata 1 – chome Kita – ku, Osaka – fu
Phone: 06-6375-2209

にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ くる天 人気ブログランキング クリエイターサイト


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