The American diner in Muko river “UK” on top of the delicious Morimori, a licking and defeating

The American diner in Muko river “UK” on top of the delicious Morimori, a licking and defeating

I went to the store called UK in Muko river.
Many explanations of menus in American shops are “? What? What? How to write is interesting
We are looking forward to what comes after placing some tips on writing.

Originally Higashi Osaka’s Takaida is the head office, now 3 stores in Sakai and Muko River.
(I want you to be able to be a neighborhood of a house more …)
I have been to a long time since I cooked rice here.


As you see it is inside the store to the appearance that the American American said.
It is a business sense with power that is open until midnight without holidays as well!

I would like to order an example of baked rice.
Its name is “Mrs Terry”

Oh, I got it … I forgot to ask with a small heap, yes.
There is quite a lot here. When I was in my teens, I was completely eaten
Well it does not help anyhow now.



Teriyaki-flavored tightening prepared for Oriental husband.
Although it is still easy to understand,
There are also other menus that imagine what kind of dish it is difficult to imagine, and what kind of things are coming There may be interesting things about this shop.

Although the quantity is not quite transmitted in the photograph
About 4 cups of rice is on a cup.

The ingredients are onion, leeks, carrot, corn and green peas are fried.
The taste is delicious with salty taste and thin spicyness on seasoning with umami with chic flavor and pork.
Fukami pickles and salads were on hand in the side street, and they finished eating while eating them for rework.

Fried rice parlor
A firm appetite for appetizing firm coloring and fried rice
It is a mystery as to how to make a complete spoon and finish it, but before you are shining the arms of the craftsmen in the kitchen.


Store name: UK WILDCATS Nishinomiya Mukogawa store
Address: 1-15-27 Tsunematsu, Amagasaki City
Phone: 06-6435-0739