What is this! ! Discover frozen roasted rice of Miso ramen’s famous shop “Sumire”! Quickly buy real meals immediately

I found “Sumire” ‘s fried rice at the Seven Eleven who dropped by.
I knew that violet miso ramen was a cup noodle from before
Unexpectedly that frozen fried rice is out …

It is somewhat higher than 248 yen (267 yen including tax)
I bought it because it is very anxious.


I like this “Sumire” miso ramen quite a lot.
However, rather than a real shop, there are areas where only ramen-like ramen shops are open to the station building in Kyoto
There was also a violet, and I ate Miso Ramen well there.
I did not know that there was also fried rice, so it seems that there were only rice in Kyoto … ….

The head office will be in Hokkaido Sapporo, but since I have never been to the main store
It is a shop you would definitely want to eat if you go to Hokkaido by trip.

If you look back on the back side, it is like Nichirei making.
Expectations are high as it is also a good company of frozen fried rice.
(Calories are quite expensive)


It seems that a microwave oven is possible as it is in a bag
This time I will continue to chin without using a frying pan.


It looks delicious with golden color.
The ingredients are simple, with eggs being the main ingredients of chashuw and green peas.

Things I thought after eating.
violet! violet! Sue ー ー ー ー ー ー! In fact, I thought that it was fried rice cooked with sauce based sauce like ramen
Oh, I thought it was normal fried rice.
After seeing the violet HP, I ordered baked rice.
It may be normal as a taste, but it was a delicious taste of a plump type.

Fried rice parlor
I thought as misunderstanding with miso … I was disgusted.
I feel it is delicious ordinary as a soy sauce base with lard effect.


お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


  1. This exquisite amount and deliciousness are the best! If this can eat at home … I can eat it! Familiar with Ajinomoto, “The Fried Rice”

  2. It was fried rice of Akebono baked pork fried rice, Akasaka Ryuugi supervised by a famous Chinese chef!

  3. The arrangement of Ajinomoto’s shrimp praf was delicious even if it failed, it was a superb frozen food

  4. It’s delicious than a hen thrower shop … Nichirei’s full-flavored stir fried rice

  5. Five fried rice to feel the taste of bamboo shoots. Feeling serious of Nichirei … “Five-eyed fried rice” Volume

  6. Extreme arrangement of frozen fried rice with cheap ingredients! It only takes time and labor, I will never do it again …

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