A fragrant dish using black soy sauce 【Bored noodle Tenjinbashi main store】

Today I went to a ramen shop near Temma station [Tranquil Omni Tenjinbashi main store].

5 minutes and 6 minutes walking from Temma station on the ring road
I think that it is the same distance from the Tenjinbashi Mashiko 6-chome station.

Ramen at this shop is a vegetable and meat prime system (not Jiro system)
There is a ramen shop called “Washosai” in Terada-cho
It feels like a layer of thick oil with a soy sauce taste similar to it that keeps the soup hot forever
It is a ramen of soy and soy sauce.
And this time I would like to eat fried rice with black soy sauce that I use for ramen there.

It is attached to popular ↓ popularity.


Because it is a little profitable, it was set with the standard black soy sauce ramen.


Fried rice with black soy sauce 580 yen separately (large scale free) If it’s set, plus 370 yen for ramen

Ingredients are egg and leek, and there are things that seems to be pork used for ramen.
Because it uses black soy sauce, it is a brown rice fried rice.


Ramen was also delicious. It was a treat.

Fried rice parlor
Slightly moist rich rice grain condition, the color seems to be dark brown
I can not feel as dense as I thought. It is probably because ramen is dark eyes.


Store name: Tranquilize noodle Tenjinbashi main store
Address: 4-23 Naniwakamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone: 050-5594-3751

お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


  1. The person knowing rides a many shop だけどもさ … egg here;, as for the fried rice, is mushy; shiningly “まんねん” of the east street

  2. Fried rice with Tenma noodle “noodles and lotus and noodles” that you can eat the ultimate Bamboo noodles is exquisite volume

  3. Shuangda esophagus street’s old-fashioned Chinese-made fried rice is a dish that feels good old taste! “Peace Palace”

  4. 大阪エキマルシェのかにチャーハン

    The specialty store in Kani fried rice, located in Okimarache at Osaka station, was a bit expensive but it was a delicious fried rice flavor.

  5. Beside the Shin-Osaka subway side, it gets crowded with a price similar to a certain Chinese chain,

  6. Sorry for the time being! Manchurian-san! It is rude to say that I did not think she was delicious, but I did see it.

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