It is a silent dragon in Kyobashi. I do not know how to read · · · Chinpin shop creates baked rice with a variety of ingredients

Today I took a walk at Kyobashi Station.
If you know Kyobashi for the time being, I think that you know “Grand Chateau”
Walk east on the shopping street of that Grand Chateau
Walk further straight ahead where the two-way street becomes one
Crossing the elevation of the railroad crossing over the tavern called “kiriri” on the way (right with the direction walking as the front)
Then turn into the left as it enters a narrow alley with a spray art wall, and the rest is straight.

It is a bit far from the station, but if you walk normally, it will be about 7 minutes before you
There is quietly “silent dragon tea” there.



It is the name of a shop with a reading named it.

I write it as Chinese
Champon seemed to be inferior and decorated the top of the menu.


Because Chinpon & baked rice is heavy as belly condition
We made baked rice & fried pair of baked rice as our main ingredients.

I noticed it later, but it was also difficult to throw away chashieu koku – yakin – rice.
I swore to my heart that I should go to this fried rice with the next time.

I do not know
The fried rice set pair came.



Because Champon is a store in the specialty, the ingredients of the rice dish use a little Chinpin ingredient
It is hard to understand in the photograph, but there is something carved with kamaboko and carved ham
Their salty taste works a little, it is delicious.

Because fried chicken is a Chinese restaurant, it is fried in curry color, based on potato starch
I think that he will come with a stiff, chest-female rude crowd in the mouth that breaks in the mouth,
It was deep-fried with juicy thigh meat.
Well this is my favorite beetle with this.


It is quite tasty and tasty.

Fried rice parlor
Having a store in a hidden famous shop place, and the store name is difficult to read,
However, there are plenty of menus and rich flavor rich ingredients are superb before you.


Store name: Shutokutotei Kyobashi store
Address: 3 – chome 6-17 Higashi Nodamachi, Miyakojima – ku, Osaka – fu
Phone: 050-5595-0285

お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


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