Fresh fried rice flavored with exquisite amount to make you want a little more! Temma noodle element ramen.
にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ

くる天 人気ブログランキング

It says in the title that I want a bit more
It is not that the amount of fried rice is small.

There are two types of half-baked fried rice and fried rice with a normal amount, so saying things like semi-char,

It is Tenma station of the JR ‘s circular line today.
I went to “Noodle element”.
It will take about 8 minutes to go north from Temma station, it is a delicate distance.

There is no doubt that Monday is a regular holiday!

Well, it is the feeling of the shop, but it is between the wine eatery and the yakiniku restaurant.
Because the entrance side is kitchened, there is a steam boiling noodle so steaming.

The ramen here is very delicious and I like it quite a bit
Grilled rice is also a good feeling taste, it is a bottleneck that a little expensive for lunch budget,
It is a good feeling as it is a satisfactory taste. Then I would like to go.


Well, although it is a menu, I like salt-based ramen here.
Both chicken salt and fish salt are delicious.

I’m sorry that the photos are bad.


I can ask for ramen with fried rice or omeletted rice with plus yen.
This time with chicken element of chicken white water and half fried rice!

The shop here is a large amount of fried rice and ingredients a little, put it in the bat to remove the residual heat
I am doing it in such a way that it is fried in eggs for the order placed, or in the case of after eggs, it is laid again.
Somewhat, there is a little disappearance on that day.


came. There is also shiny, it is perfect.
The ingredients include eggs and green onion, and lettuce in something like a slice of chashuze.
Also this lettuce is shaky and tasty.

Before the ramen came pretty awfully.


And ramen.

I think that it looks delicious as I see it.
Especially the char siu is delicious, there is a feeling like life like ham, low temperature aged? What? It feels like.
Also, the noodles are homemade and the machine is also visible in the back.
Salt, salt, salt, homemade noodles · · · Salt Marshal at this stage? element? What?
I will make a mistake as a certain famous ramen shop. There should have been homemade noodles there too.

Fried rice parlor
Grilled rice with a flavorful taste, if it is a hit system, many eggs will be found.
The sound of the Chinese pot is also delicious, and the customer is approaching a brilliant technique that brings close contact with customers with a good feeling.


Store name: noodle element
Address: 5-2-16 Tenjinbashi Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone: 06-6351-8451