Extreme arrangement of frozen fried rice with cheap ingredients! It only takes time and labor, I will never do it again …

Thanks! !
This time I would like to challenge the arrange recipe with the remainder of frozen fried rice used last time.

First we will stir fried rice
(In the case of frozen fried rice It is natural that microwave oven is also OK
I like to stir-frozen frozen fried rice with frying pan.
I feel like something delicious)

Just stir-frying is almost the same as last time,
I think that I want to put minced carabos by saying that it is a cheap ingredient that can be cooked in a shop.
I tried about 1/3 in a kamaboko with a plate.


Pour in around frying for about 2 minutes!

It’s just a bit shorter than this.

Transfer it to a deep dish at the fry place
Next, take out 4 or 5 crabs from the film and loosen it.
I think that it is probably 98 yen in supermarket and it is cheap and delicious, it suits beer.
Add 1 egg and 2 egg eggs to this and mix.


And I will bake it in a high speed oil panned skillet.
Move the chopsticks while moving the frying pan and fry it like the first omelette.

I will put it on the grilled dishes earlier in the fluffy state.

Place 150 tablespoons of water in a frying pan and 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 Chinese dish (cream shantan or taste Ai) 1 tablespoon
I will boil it. I will add water-soluble potato starch to it and make it into a tanned bean paste.

And put that bean paste in the earlier rice cooker
Tianjin fried rice is finished.

It is the taste just as you imagined as the picture looks.
Of course the original frozen fried rice is delicious so there is no mistake. But it takes too much time and effort.
Please try someone who has time on holiday afternoon.
※ When making bean paste, put a little ketchup and sugar will make you feel like sweet vinegar with dark eyes.

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