I met in Sannomiya Recommend Chinese street behind the alley! Fuffed fried rice with a strong taste

It is located on the north side of JR Sannomiya Station
If anything, many people may go shopping in the direction of the center of town
There seems to be various little deep shops on the north side of the station
I went to one of the famous Chinese restaurants in that.

Chinese Restaurant Karako (Karako)
It is easy to remember when remembering with the name of a shop without the middle of chili pepper.


As you can see the old Chinese restaurant is feeling it is standing.
In the shop the table 2 counter is about 5, 6 seats.
Well, it’s a menu, but there are many.

For the time being, “stick-up” is essential,
I ordered a dumpling for an ordinary dinner for a small stomach.

My aunt is alone and men alone are using the kitchen.
My main dish is made by my aunt, maybe Mr. Karako is this one? What? What?

It was unusual to cook rice with Chinese spatula.

Well I’m here.
It is with soup! !


Slightly tasty and plump and delicious.
Is the ingredients such as eggs, carrots, onions, green onions?

Dumpling was delicious taste with a thick skin and eating.



There was one item and stir – fried etc on the back of the menu.
It may be good to come at night, is it a bit narrower …

Fried rice parlor
The taste of the thick eyes is working, but the taste that is not persistent yet
There is a feeling that there was somewhat oil this time and there is a little bit glossy side.

Shop name: Karako
Address: 5-6-5, Konno-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi Hyogo ken
Telephone: 078-222-3800


お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


  1. Is this genuine Chinese food taste? ? Fried rice of Shunde of Kobe, Motomachi. The kitchen Chinese

  2. In Japan, Daiichi Asahi has nine lines, its part, Kobe Daiichi Asahi’s fried rice is very charming and it feels quite a bit strange.

  3. Sanjiomi for the first time, Chinese food loved by seniors of the old workplace is a clerk’s welcome ◎ Fried rice also plump fluffy round roll

  4. The splendor that the best taste in Japan and the king of Mikage talked about feel expert technique in the king of the gyoza! の winding

  5. You can meet up by walking upwards, super cheap Chinese on the second floor standing with Potun! Near Sannomiya station “Ni-ha Ramen”

  6. The union of yakisoba and rice, your name is so-so. in Kobe’s Okonomiyakiya “Hikari”

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