It is a professional blog of fried rice
Rice is fried with ingredients on a hot iron plate …
Even if the ingredients are vegetables or buckwheat, is not it ok to say that they are friends of fried rice?

No, I would rather rather be a brother ….

That’s why I introduce “sobsushi” which is also a famous item of Kobe this time!

It is about 10 minutes on foot from Harborland station if it is Kobe station or subway
I went to Okonomiyaki’s “HIKARI”.

Even if it says Kobe, it is different from Sannomiya station area
There is a little downtown emotion in the town, on the way, please leave the rent unpaid instant instantly, an apartment with a poster like the landlord is also seen
I feel like I’m pretty enthusiastic and I walk.


There is a downtown emotion.

The specialty is a special product of seaweed rolled okonomiyaki with your choice of seaweed.


We ordered the main part of the inside of me and the special seaweed winding preference.

Bake buckwheat earlier with Azatsu iron plate and fry the rice lightly.
(By the way, there seemed to be no rice, I went to buy with Sato ‘s rice at the shop opposite.
I bought three packs just in case. )

Moro, I warmed up the sugar and warmed up 1/2 and stir – fry it.
As far as I was watching, mix the fried rice with buckwheat, stir-fry and enter the first source of sauce
Stir-fry the pork, cabbage, moyashi together further beside it, and put the last sauce again.
I used a smooth sauce for yakisoba instead of the tiger sauce of your choice.
After all Oliver? What? Is it about the Kobe local rose sauce? What?


That’s it! It looks delicious.

Eat ingredients are also abundant, eat and respond adequately!

The seaweed rolled okonomiyaki is also delicious. (Although the reflection of the picture is bad, it looked better)


Normally baked okonomiyaki, on baked crisp crust
Those rolled in rolled sushi style with winding,
The flavor of seaweed is effective and it is delicious.

Fried rice parlor
Rice and buckwheat which the source was soaked firmly with the twice use of the sauce, it is delicious there first
The ingredients are also stir-fryed with shaky heat and the second source is not dark and the taste is involved
It is delicious without complaints in front of a technique that uses iron plates for many years.


Store name: HIKARI
Address: 3-2-1, Higashi-cho, Hyogo ku, Hyogo Prefecture 652-0823
Telephone: 078-671-4016

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