Don’t be tossed by dumplings that are too cheap, come in with your will! Itami’s red Chinese

Don’t be tossed by dumplings that are too cheap, come in with your will! Itami’s red Chinese

Today, I went to “Red China” in Itami, which I had been worried about for a long time.
I think it’s probably a specialty of this shop, but the gyoza is very cheap and it seems to be quite delicious.
It seems that the price is 110 yen,
In the past it seemed to be cheaper in the past because of the consumption tax
Still this price is startling. And it seems to be a rich menu besides dumplings
(Well, it may be natural to say that the menu is abundant because it is a Chinese restaurant, but)

There seems to be a fried rice menu as well, and I would like to attack! !

Arrived, red Chinese. It’s hard to see in the photo
In fact, you can feel the solidness of the place where the solar panels are firmly deployed.
And red Chinese, a powerful store name that is reminiscent of a socialist nation.
Well, what kind of food will come out.
By the way, it seems that there is no parking lot, so it seems that you can park at a nearby parking lot or stop at a space in front of the store if it is available.

This is a 110-yen gyoza! ! ! ! !

The inside of the store is small and clean. First, the counter takes off your shoes and the legs are easy to go up. And the back is a parlor and the number of seats is reasonable.
After all the menu is abundant and has various items.

However, in terms of price, the price of gyoza is astonishing, but one item is lurking at a relatively high price
I think that the price of a little shrimp ketchup and vegetable stir-up is a little higher. There is a strange fixed concept that the menu is the cheapest class in everyday Chinese food and stir-fried vegetables …
The french fries under the dumplings feel ugly and high.
First we ordered gyoza for 3 people, fried rice and gomoku soba.

By the way, it was just after noon that I entered the store around 14:00, but there were no customers.
Well it would be fine if that person could concentrate and face the dish
The clerk seems to be doing a couple, the father is better in the kitchen, the wife is listening to orders, drinks, serving food, etc.

Waiting 5 or 6 minutes

It looks pretty good. First of all, Gomoku soba is a soy sauce-based ramen soup that contains Chinese cabbage, jellyfish, carrots and onions, etc., mainly made of eggs.
And there are 5 dumplings for 110 yen, and it is a tasty dumpling that seems to be a little small at a Chinese restaurant and does not seem to be very 110 yen with wings firmly.

The fried rice is fried with eggs and leeks, carrot chopped onions, chopped onions, and a bit of fried chicken.

There is also a feeling of flipping and it is delicious! It seems that seasoning is a little salty and umami seasoning, and a little Chinese broth.
And as you can see in the picture of the seasoning, there is! here! !
Oh Worthy Sauce! ! !
After all it was over. This is a type of fried rice that matches the sauce and is delicious to Homma.

The gyoza is a little bit juicy rather than a juicy gyoza, and it may contain more vegetables than meat. No, this taste is 110 yen! !

Gomoku soba is just a word of ordinary. The eggs were soft and delicious.

It’s a hidden gyoza, but it’s definitely recommended for fried rice, Worcester.
However, after serving all the dishes, the shopkeeper climbed up enough to cover the duct halfway
I was cleaning and I felt like I came to the store in a very spare time,
The wok is also used in silver, so it’s quite easy.

Fried rice parameters