At last it’s the Royal Palace! A fried rice specialty store with a bullish menu as well as a price, fried rice king of Shimbashi
にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ

くる天 人気ブログランキング

This time, I am coming to Tokyo for expedition or work.
The place where I was investigating various things to eat and eat home-cooked rice in Tokyo
As expected, there are various stores such as Tokyo and big cities,
1 hour by train if you are wondering what to do
Many places that are a bit far
I found one store near Shinagawa where I am currently.

“Fried rice king” near Shimbashi station! !

As you can see from the store name, it looks like a fried rice specialty store
According to the homepage

Many fried rice in the world is, in a bad word, just a product that “mixes a bowl with ingredients and stir-fry rice”.
To put it another way, it means “eating fried rice without any ingredients.”

Honestly, it’s cheaper and easier to cook …
(If you just put crabs and shrimp at the end, you can do it and it looks gorgeous …)

Please try to eat rice without any ingredients. Should not be delicious.
The parts other than the ingredients, such as fried rice made with melted eggs and cold rice, are salt and pepper rice.

I have never met anyone who hates fried rice.
But where do you like fried rice? How many people get a specific store name when asked?

For ramen, you will definitely see some store names.
The reason why the store name doesn’t appear is simple.

It is said that both rabbits and horns are being polished as fried rice.
If you have read this far, you have to go! ! And headed by train from Shinagawa.

I arrived at Shimbashi.
I don’t have much opportunity to come, so I got a photo of an SL vehicle that was often exposed to the rednecks and often talked to company employees through TV interviews.

The fried rice store seems to be under the station building called New Shimbashi Building.

The shop arrived at 11 o’clock, 15 minutes ago, I had a little time, so I went to the underground shopping area.

There are many restaurants such as taverns, and the first floor is a ticket shop
Around the second floor, there were many Chinese esthetics that were very close to botta-kuri.
Perhaps with the addition of service and the addition of the option amount …

Return to the basement, kill time at a game center, etc., and return to the shop about 3 minutes ago.
If you line up in front of the store, it is said that you will line up near the back stairs
There were already about four people lined up there.

Great fried rice king …

After entering the store, the menu is fried rice set and other side menu only.

As a matter of course, you can choose fried rice set.
Set with fried rice and soup, 1000 yen.

Looking only at the amount, fried rice is 1000 yen! ? A very bullish price and …

In the kitchen, the sound of roasting woks and woks sounds.

Already four people had already lined up and about six people had already entered after me.
Great, fried rice king.

Come on! !

Ingredients include a small amount of egg, kamaboko, and green onions fried together and the last topped portion.
Also, the shop says that it contains pasted ingredients
It is difficult to know what ingredients are used. The website states that there are 10 kinds of vegetables, but are they and beef paste? ?

The taste is made thin and it doesn’t feel like punchy.
Up to this point, it would have been 1000 yen more expensive, and I thought that it was quite easy to come up with various kinds of expressive lectures or lessons like confidence of the shop …

It is a mechanism that you can change the way you eat on the way
There is a special vinegar soy sauce and chili oil.

I ate this while adjusting it without putting it too much in the spoon,
Oops! ! Certainly delicious … mysterious taste,
It may be because the taste of the original fried rice is lighter because this is applied.
However, this characteristic drip and pirikara’s oil match.

I will try this vinegar soy sauce method this time for home fried rice.

It’s honest to feel a little overpriced, but I think it’s worth a visit.
As a person who loves fried rice, it is not bad for a shop that does this alone.

Fried rice parameters

店名:チャーハン王 新橋店
住所:東京都港区新橋2-16-1 ニュー新橋ビル B1F
電話: 080-6883-9340