The arrangement of Ajinomoto’s shrimp praf was delicious even if it failed, it was a superb frozen food

Long time no see.
I feel bad condition at some cost
I was not eating fried rice ….

Well I eat for the first time in a while,
Even though it’s been a long time, this is it! I feel it.
I would like to eat lots of AJINOMOTO appliances of frozen foods.

Actually there are ways to eat that I want to do from before
I also want to challenge it.

Let ‘s go soon! !


This is a husband that everyone knows well, so I do not think there is any need for explanation
Is not it a senior citizen of old frozen food?
Absolutely delicious as it is! Evipila.


As for how to arrange this time
Make a half-baked fried egg in a frying pan and then slightly season with a sauce of grilled meat on it
You put it on Ebi Pilaf
It is a nasi gorenish style recipe.

Actually I forgot to take a picture in the middle of making …

And and

I failed.

Egg got chapped and crushed,
I forgot to drink oil. Damn it


But the taste was very tasty.
The salty taste of eggs and faint grilled meat sauce was added to the taste of Ebi Piraf,
I highly recommend it! !

Please try by all means.


お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


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