In Japan, Daiichi Asahi has nine lines, its part, Kobe Daiichi Asahi’s fried rice is very charming and it feels quite a bit strange.

There was also in the title
Ramen called Daiichi Asahi is divided into several factions
As far as I looked it seems to have nine lines.
This time I went to Kobe Daiichi Asahi which is one corner of it.

Kyoto’s first Asahi is also famous as it is a famous place other than Kobe.
There are 6 shops in the city in Kobe.
This time I went to the Sannomiya western shop under the elevated Sannomiya station.



While the price of recent ramen shop has a high price setting such as ramen cup 800 yen or 900 yen etc.
I think that it is a shop in the price range that I worked hard even though it was lunch.
Because it is not enough for ramen only, it combines rice and chashuwa rice bowl etc and it will be 1150 yen as treasure, there are many shops
I wonder if only I am ….

This is normal ramen rice with 660 yen.
If it is a fried rice set, how about 800 yen, how is it going to be quite? What?
Do not hesitate to decide at the Rah – A Ramen ‘s fried rice set!

I went there before 13 o’clock, but the inside of the shop was crowded and 80% of the seats were buried.
Naturally it is a paradise of a man. I need to get ramen shops.

Fried rice is finished first, and ramen arrives shortly afterwards! !




Fried rice can also be seen in the picture, but the rice cake is firmly contained
Excellent eating response, the taste is soup of chashued
Bakubaku men go on with rice grain of unique flavor. The ingredients are its eggs with eggs and onion.
It is a feeling that tasted with salt and Chinese seasoning.

Ramen is a refreshing series of soy sauce. Apples are sprouts, green onion, menma and pepper from the top.
Because it is somewhat dark eyed soup, it may be better to refrain from drinking at all.
But it is also a drunk that this is astragalus going forward as well
It also included delicious lard or something’s seasoning oil and it was delicious ramen, even from the color it looks.

Fried rice parameters

Store name: Kobe Ramen Daiichi Asahi Sannomiya West
Address: Hyogo ken Chuo-ku Chuo Ward Northern Todai 1 – chome 1-1 (under JR elevated)
Telephone: (078) 321-3939

お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


  1. Sanjiomi for the first time, Chinese food loved by seniors of the old workplace is a clerk’s welcome ◎ Fried rice also plump fluffy round roll

  2. Homemade noodles are pretty good, no soup is good … Tell me no baked rice! Near the Kobe station “Homemade noodle made noodles”

  3. Before eating it is a fried ramen fried rice or something … not at all! What flavor? What? “Noodle Shop Takumi” near Itami station

  4. Takarazuka Nakaguchi somehow Ramen shop lucky late in the night “wood” tree trees are high-tech and

  5. The union of yakisoba and rice, your name is so-so. in Kobe’s Okonomiyakiya “Hikari”

  6. I met him at Kobayashi station. At least this opportunity to get off at the station, try paradish fried rice here by all means

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