The chicken ramen soup flavor’s flavor is excellent, Nissin’s frozen food “Golden fried rice” ※ But noodles were few · · ·

This time I will eat frozen food.
It is also familiar with Nissin in cup noodles and chicken noodles
Do you know that there is ‘Golden fried rice’?

Chicken ramen is not enough as it is as a super long seller
As a dish that seems to have been made strategically by Nisshin Mr. says that it will be raised and raised further
And the package is exactly gold.


This time we are doing bargain sale at the neighborhood supermarket
It was 188 yen so I immediately bought it and came back.
I would like to try gold fried rice! !

Since we have some time to spare this time, I will roast it in a frying pan.



that? What? There is no chicken noodle noodle, is not it a kind of wind of chicken noodles? What?


But there seems to be an instant noodle,
It looks like it does not look like it, but let’s think that it is somewhat contained.
Well, there is plenty of significance for the existence of foods that have this title “chicken ramen” even seasoning the soup of chicken ramen.


Certainly the golden rice grain gives the fragrance of chicken ramen hint.
The ingredients are difficult to see with eggs and green onions, but there are some noodles.
Taste is not honest chicken ramen taste, it is a taste of another delicious fried rice.

I regret that I would like to challenge to make fried rice with ordinary chicken noodles next time.

But there is one bag in the family, gold fried rice. was.


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  1. Extreme arrangement of frozen fried rice with cheap ingredients! It only takes time and labor, I will never do it again …

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