Made with only eggs of refrigerator and kimchi only, handmade kimchi fried rice challenge volume

I would like to try handmade for the first time in a while.

I want to easily make this easily easily this time too!

What challenges you
Kimchi fried rice is!

Materials to prepare
One cup of frozen rice with a tea bowl
(Although it may be cooked, there is a possibility that it will be peeking unless it is cooled a little)
One egg of eggs / Kimchi is OK according to your preference OK (any manufacturer’s OK, OK this time because Japanese-style kimchi was surplus)

First, to a frying pan 1 tablespoon of salad oil and a teaspoon of sesame oil a little
* I recently learned that slightly oil is finished but deliciously finished.

And firmly heat it with high heat (up to a little smoke)

Throw a melted egg into it and immediately put in rice

Here we will add oil to the egg and cook together with rice while stir – frying.


Then stir – fry one teaspoon of salt and a little pepper.
It’s OK in about 30 seconds.

I will introduce Kimchi there, because kimchi’s juice will be a taste
I will put the juice firmly in the whole.

Kimchi uses Japanese-style kimuchi, which was sleeping in the refrigerator.
Any kimchi is OK, but I think that Chinese cabbage kimchi is good for fried rice.
It was super cheap about 200 yen at this supermarket.
The taste is okay, it feels like so much.



Keeping the high fire from the beginning with the kimchi’s juice tied to the whole rice
Stir fry for about 1 minute.

In order to eliminate juice properly
Return the rice in a frying pan and finish with rice.


Serve on the plate, shape it and complete it! !
Because there was a little remainder of the egg I stayed there, I put it on from the top, so it is egg on the top.

Kimchi’s juice spreads the whole taste, and it gets more delicious taste when heat comes in
A mysterious place of kimchi rice.

Because it was a Japanese style kimchi, I was worried about what kind of taste it would be
Besides being pretty tasty besides
As much as possible I fry while returning the frying pan and skipping the water
On the whole, I finished in a type of fried rice that I like a little moist.

Healthy and oil have been less thoroughly since before
Slightly large but delicious with eggs and rice grains.
Is it such an effect that oil and heat shut down something like umami · · ·

Well anyway it was a great success.


お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


  1. Authentic fried rice this time! A little extravagant beef garlic fried rice

  2. It is made with surplus baked pigs, and the seasoning is almost salt and a little soy sauce only. Besides such fried rice fried rice, it’s pretty delicious

  3. Use the oyster source well, and taste works for one’s own original fried rice to a roasted pork fillet; and quite delicious winding

  4. Extreme arrangement of frozen fried rice with cheap ingredients! It only takes time and labor, I will never do it again …

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