You can meet up by walking upwards, super cheap Chinese on the second floor standing with Potun! Near Sannomiya station “Ni-ha Ramen”

This time I’ve been hanging near Sannomiya station.

San Francisco I think that there are many people going to the center town

On the other hand, there is a shopping building with old-fashioned shopping street called Sanpal on the east side

I went there because I found a cheap Chinese food nearby.

It will be near the highway bus stop

When you look up, you will find a Chinese restaurant that runs on the second floor …

Is the name of the shop name “300 yuan noodles ramen” up to 300 yen? What?



Perhaps ramen is this price,

It is cheap, not to mention tax, it is 324 yen.

This price was surprisingly ramen at a ramen shop where there was a long time ago

I wonder if I managed to go bankrupt as a result of poor management, it is cheap for that ramen class.

I would like to go upstairs.




Inside the store there are counter seats that can see outside with an L-shaped counter seat.

Menu is very rich
Moreover, others are also cheap,

We ate fried rice at 370 yen and chicken and & potatoes at 230 yen.

Fried chicken comes in five kinds of ginkgo powder
There are six with Cinnamon · Globe · Sichuan Sansho · Fennel · octagon · Chen Hua · · ·?
Is contained,
It’s a spice like a curry shop and what’s Chen’s skin? What?
Eight octagons are often in the morning’s ZIP and Mokozu kitchen often put in fast water doves.





It is a beautifully rounded fried rice,
Until now I have eaten various rice cooked but
I was frying for quite a long time.

The taste is slightly thin-based rice is hardened.
The ingredients are eggs, green onions and carrots.
Is the base base salt and a little Ajinomoto, Chinese condiments and liquor perhaps?

Because it is thin, it fits well with fried chicken.

It is deep-fried with that ginkgo powder, but with a strange taste that I have never eaten before.
Certainly the spices are working
Feel slightly Oriental, a flavor that feels like this will come out in Chinese in a nice place.
The clothing is deep-fried in crispness and it is very juicy because it uses thigh meat.

This is cheap and I think this is alike! !

Fried rice parameters

Store name: Nihao Ramen
Address: 〒 651-0095 Hyogo ken Chuo-ku Asahodo 5 – chome 3-3 Birne Sannomiya 2 floor
Phone: 078-261-2802

お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


  1. The union of yakisoba and rice, your name is so-so. in Kobe’s Okonomiyakiya “Hikari”

  2. I met him at Kobayashi station. At least this opportunity to get off at the station, try paradish fried rice here by all means

  3. The splendor that the best taste in Japan and the king of Mikage talked about feel expert technique in the king of the gyoza! の winding

  4. Sanjiomi for the first time, Chinese food loved by seniors of the old workplace is a clerk’s welcome ◎ Fried rice also plump fluffy round roll

  5. Takarazuka Nakaguchi somehow Ramen shop lucky late in the night “wood” tree trees are high-tech and

  6. Homemade noodles are pretty good, no soup is good … Tell me no baked rice! Near the Kobe station “Homemade noodle made noodles”

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