Seven Eleven’s Addict It was delicious when I tried making rich fried rice with Kimchi fried rice.

Regular items of frozen fried rice in 7-Eleven
There is a thing called “addictive rich fried rice”
This is also delicious,
I would like to eat kimchi fried rice here with a little effort.



The company we are manufacturing was Ajinomoto.
Because it is a company that originally produces delicious frozen fried rice
It is delicious enough as it is.

When I do this in detail
It also contains coloring agents! What?
Certainly it is said that deliciousness does not convey to the appearance as well.
Because spices are also included
Taste, olfaction, vision, is not it. Well.


I’d like to do it in a frying pan as I will stir it this time.



I will put the kimchi inside of being frozen.

Fire is high fire until the end,

At first, stir frying so that only the rice rolls so as to melt the frozen rice part,
Mix it with the Kimchi part where the rice has been moderately broken
I will stir the whole.

In a place where it was fried for about 2 minutes after putting it all in time
Once torn down from the fire, if steam is coming out again OK!



The redness of kimchi comes out and it looks delicious.

Regarding the taste, since the original taste is firmly attached to the fried rice
Just entering kimchi is okay with no seasoning at all.

Whether taste comes out with kimchi with heat, it is finished in a very delicious fried rice.

The moist feeling is also good with moist rice grain.

Try it by all means.

Purchase shop: Seven Eleven September 7, 2018


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