It is awkward in a good way, but this seasoning is good! “Yangtze River Ramen Prestige” in the east street shopping district groaning.

It is located off the main street of Higashi-dori shopping street
I went to the prestigious of Yangtze River noodles.

There are various stores in the Yangtze River Ramen
There are different kinds of goodwill, menus and prices are somewhat different.
There are multiple stores in Umeda such as prestigious, general head office, forest etc.

In a certain gourmet site on the net prestigious and general head office seems to be a popular shop
The score is very high.

There is no fried rice at the main head office, there seems to be a menu like a rice dish set for lunch at prestigious
Moreover, I have been going because the reputation is also good.


It is easy to understand if you call the back of former TSUTAYA in Higashi-dori shopping area
Cross the Midosuji street from the main street of East Street, cross the big echo, cross over the king.
Turn left at the first crossroad and you will be located where you passed through the streets with many girls bars.
If it is night, of course the girls in the girls’ bar are standing near this shop, and it is as it was done.

Decided by Wonton soup set of B set of fried rice which was on the signboard outside the store! !

With the feeling that the clerk is a bit nervous
The uncle of the kitchen is also sloppy,
It is atmosphere that you should not feel as though you are making it with Madaka fried rice ……

The fried rice that we came out was feeling good and was moist and moist
It looks really good with feeling that there is not too much oil.

Regarding the taste, it tastes moderately to the Chinese soup stock
The ingredients are very abundant, the taste of the ingredients is also lively and it is very delicious.
Is the color tinged with a faint brownish color, is it selling burnt-out soy sauce etc. hidden taste …

It is quite easy to set the honest set 900 yen
I think that it is quite recommended.

Fried rice parameters

Shop name: Yangtze River Ramen prestigious
Address: 17-1 Dojyamacho Kita-ku, Osaka-shi Osaka Prefecture 530-0027 FK Leisure Building
Telephone: 06-6316-1865

にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ くる天 人気ブログランキング クリエイターサイト


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