The Chinese restaurant in the retro building near Kitahama Station attracts a reputable volume lunch “Longmen”

I came to Kitahama!
In the building of retro architecture located a few minutes after leaving Exit 6, the Chinese restaurant “Longmen”
Lunch menu In abundance, menu of curry rice cooked homme seems to be popular as single item regular menu
I would like to go eat it.

Actually this building was built in 1921
It will be in Taisho 10 years in Japanese calendar.
Originally it was an individual mansion, the present name is Aoyama Building (Former Noda Genjiro House)
It is said that.
He seems to be designated as a state-owned registered cultural asset,
Although it says that there are several shops inside, it seems that you can contract for lease normally.


The shop is located in the basement.

I also wanted to take photos inside the store
There are also many customers, so it was not possible to take that far.
Even though I went lunch at the end time, it seems that it is prosperous.
Fried rice · · · 640 yen
Curry fried rice · · · 690 yen
Fried shrimp fried rice · · · 740 yen
Fried rice with Tianjin · · · 740 yen
Tianjin curry fried rice … 790 yen

Do not hesitate and decide to “Tianjin curry fried rice”!

While waiting, other customers did not make it for lunch menu
Many people in Tianjin curry fried rice.


Round and heighty
A thing with voluminous feeling has come out quite easily! !

Curry fried rice in the curry pilaf style made with simple ingredients of ham and leek
Fluffy eggs are on there.
It is quite spicy and makes a little sweat.
However, since the amount is quite large and the taste is not dark,
The sauce is recommended to change the flavor on the way.
I am a person who puts sauce for curry rice, but this sauce fits very well! !
So sauce and soy sauce are the same container so make sure not to mistake!


Fried rice parameters


Shop name: Chinese cuisine Longmen
Address: 2-2-6 Fushimi-cho, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi Osaka Prefecture Aoyama Building B1F
Phone: 06-6203-7870

お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


  1. Toasted rice ball which worked of the soup stock which a storekeeper liking that certain celebrity artist makes, “ramen Ciel” of Nakazakicho

  2. It was the king general I thought as a franchise in the past, but … When I go, it is direct management. But Kimchi rice was delicious so it’s good

  3. Oops popularity shop “Fujii” of the Chinese noodles that …, Hozenji bystreet has thick taste system quietly in such a place

  4. It is a shop with a reputation for dumplings, but I endure crying dumplings … But fried rice was golden and delicious! Osaka king of Kyobashi

  5. It is slightly expensive, but it is delicious, with a lot of ingredients and taste deeply, the winding of the cooked rice and dish of the Central Element

  6. An omelette with rice of the pig kimchi fried rice is full-scale kimchi taste of the surprise! The polestar of Osaka Station エキマルシェ

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