If you say cheap, early and honeymoon Chinese of the Tenjinbashi Muscle 6 chome, you should be “the eleventh”! Fried rice is also cheap! That price! What?
にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ

くる天 人気ブログランキング

I went to the Chinese restaurant “Happihachi” at the end point of the Tenjinbashi muscle shopping street (north side, towards Tianyuro).

Do you read here with Ohaco, or do you read with Ju Hachiban
It looks like Juhachiban when examining.

Originally there was one store per celestial, but it closed
Currently it has become only the head office of Tianyu.

There is also a one coin lunch,
Because it is an amount of volume, it is common people’s bullish side.

How rice here is 300 yen and this is also cheap!
Variety of the fried rice is also abundant and there are various menus abundant.




A little picture is difficult to see
There are about 60 kinds of menus.

I would like to make beef Calbi fried (500 yen) this time.

The kitchen and the sales floor are quite hard
I am working without a bus.
I guess, the Chinese restaurant must be like this.



I have plenty of beef and eggs
The amount of rice is just about 2.5 cups of tea bowl and the volume is perfect.

Regarding the key taste
To the place where salt and Ajinomoto are effective, it also gives a spicy taste like pepper.

Besides, the ingredients are green onions.

It is becoming how to stir fried moistly system
Worcester sauce is on the desk when you want to change the taste on the way
I tried putting it in the second half, I will match this fried rice! !
There is also a cheap menu of 330 yen as source sauce in the menu
I would like to try next time.

Fried rice parlor

Store name: Yuhachi Main Store
Address: 〒531-0041 Osaka-fu Osaka-shi Kita-ku Tenjinbashi 7 – chome 2-13
Phone: 06-6353-3686