This exquisite amount and deliciousness are the best! If this can eat at home … I can eat it! Familiar with Ajinomoto, “The Fried Rice”

Actually I, right after this was released
I found it at the supermarket before I got it on CM,
“What is this frozen packed frozen packaging?! And a slightly higher price setting …
But it seems delicious and I should buy it … “

Result of eating at

Umai Kan! ! !

I remember becoming it.

And with the CM information that the development was renewed
I bought it because it sold at a special price of 328 yen in the supermarket nearby.
(There are a lot of places called 398 yen on a daily basis, is not it.)
I have also seen places that make it more expensive if it’s a little higher setting super.

If you saw selling at a cheaper price please tell me.
It is likely to be around 298 yen and it is quite a product that is not right
I am afraid that it is located in a fancy frozen fried rice.



Add anything like an improved version of a new secret “burned onion oil”
It is said that the fragrance has further improved.

In the year of originally released in the ranking of hit products of the magazine Nikkei Entertainment
I forgot how long it was, but I ranked in the top, did not I?
Despite being such a self-confidence work to continue to aim for high
Truly Mr. Ajinomoto ….

Well, I want to eat it.
※ Actually I neglected to take a picture and I was able to take only the one picture is bad.

I am very hungry, I ate gutsuri ….

I fried in a frying pan this time.



Rubber roast pork cutlet is firmly contained
Egg and onion are moderately included.

As the key taste, I wonder if it is said that it became more fragrant than before renewal

Uh no.

To be honest I do not understand! ! ! But it is tasty.

Originally contains chicken and pork extracts, which eventually makes frozen fried rice tasty
I think that it is a magical seasoning
There may be a flavored oil of the package, which is what this is called Mara Oil.

Originally Mel Oil
It is a seasoning oil made from garlic and sesame oil burned with frying or frying.

Well it is a translation of Uma! ! !

Fried rice parlor


にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ くる天 人気ブログランキング クリエイターサイト


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