Before eating it is a fried ramen fried rice or something … not at all! What flavor? What? “Noodle Shop Takumi” near Itami station

I went to Ikeda by myself for a while and on the way home
By the way, remembering that there was a ramen shop that brought out fried rice in the vicinity of Itami station
By doing immediate right away! I went to “Noodle Shop Takumi” near Hamamatsu Itami Station.

Ramen also seems to be popular because it is a soup with soup of chicken fish shells.
There seems to be a fried rice menu, too
I’m looking forward to seeing what fried rice is.



I waited for a while with a full seat even though it was noon.
Well, that’s still popular.

While I was waiting I thought about ordering
I was planning for Takumi as a signboard menu
I will make it rich in rice called honor on the right side of the photo.
Also decide on set A to add mini fried rice! !

I could enter the store while thinking such a thing.



Aside from ramen, Tianjin rice is also famous for rice type menu, is not it?
How about fried rice …

I waited for about 10 minutes, it came out! !




First of all, ramen was imagining soup of mushrooms
Easy to sip with smooth soup,
It is a thick eyed soup featuring chicken soup and fish.
Today I felt dark because I was not getting sweat so much.

When I am sweating and wanting salt, it is just a good type of ramen.
There are also two pieces of pork and chicken breed of chashued, followed by a boiled egg and a boiled egg
They are white-green onions, menma and a lot of ingredients.


Noodles are straight noodles, hot soup and I like it.

Well, being fried rice
Although this felt very delicious from the first mouth, with a taste difficult to express with words
It is a feeling which is slightly away from the basic taste like fried rice
Like an egg rice bowl … (lol)
It contains ingredients like onions fried in candies in color and it may be that its magical flavor
After that there are eggs and things that look like carps.

Just this fried rice, it looks like mecha – macha oil and it ‘s beating.
Since I think that input of oil is the eyesight as it is handmade
It may have happened this day by chance,
It’s a bit disappointing.

This is a plate after eating ↓, oil is amazing · · ·



Next time I would like to try Tianjin Rice! !

Fried rice parlor

Shop name: Takumi Nodameya
Address: 3 – chome Line 3 – chome Itami, Hyogo prefecture 664-0857 16 – 9
Telephone: 072-785-3835

お勧めは『山田工業所 鉄製 打出片手中華鍋 30cm』


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