Change completely yesterday though wrote in the blog that cooled down; and today’s this heat what do not sleep! ?
Highest temperature 36 degrees Celsius … is unbearable. The toasted rice ball which is テリテリ of thick taste is meal いたいもんですねー on the day when only such a sweat flows

Let’s eat such name that found a Chinese noodle shop in the back alley with the hesitation in Hozenji bystreet while I walk unsteadily a whole bunch here “Chinese noodles Fujii” today! I decided と and entered.


The order is a method of the ticket purchase with a ticket vendor.
A share until 15:00 of the lunch menu is very advantageous; is set.
It is 880 yen with two ramen & fried rice & fried chicken.

Because the mind decreases, too
So I had decision. The method of the type that to make the ramen with the back, and the fried chicken refrigerates the thing which has been already fried and fries again.
Because I can provide this speedily, is it an ant?

And the toasted rice ball of the leading role spends salad oil in a burning hot frying pan.
I spent an agitation egg and rice at the same time and parched it and invisible, but I put the thing such as the Chinese food seasoning and fried it greedily there at silky powder and salt, hand like Ajinomoto.
I spend some leeks on the way. Completion! !


The ingredient is simple
Because I demanded that salt was thick after beginning heavy sweater by strongly-flavored seasoning, メチャ was delicious.
The tea-serving manners that the ingredient felt 少 ないもんでいいんだなぁ … and skill if even seasoning was good.

And it is ramen, the noodles of the snack noodles style (such as the supercup of the ace cook), but I pick quarrel with soup, and a lump such as very delicious backfat enters and asks and should stop all soup drinks because it is Rina feeling.

Fried rice parameter

A store’s name: Chinese noodles Fujii Nanbasennichimae store
address: 1-3-14, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
telephone: 06-6282-7301

にほんブログ村 グルメブログ B級グルメへ くる天 人気ブログランキング クリエイターサイト