Chah hunter is an eating walk blog introducing only fried rice.

I like the fried rice from a long time ago, and there is a memory that I ate for the first time since I arrived at something
It was fried rice of kingsmith, so-called roasted rice.
Originally I liked dumplings, but fried rice has memories like this too delicious
Even after becoming an adult, I always order with a fried rice set when entering a ramen shop,
Sometimes I do not ask for the main ramen, but I also order only fried rice at a huge price …

If fried rice is different in taste for each shop, that means also is different
For anything, I will try various kinds of tie – knows, and I started blogging as a memoranda to write about each blog.
Oh well thinking about health, so I can not go on to say that everything is fried rice
Updating is sometimes, please drop in by all means.

※ By the way I live in Kansai, so shops in the Kinki area will be the main focus.

Race of motto: Life to keep challenging courage
(I walk a life without regret no matter what you go to a shop in taste)
Favorite ingredients of grilled rice: spring onions, kamaboko