Shuangda esophagus street’s old-fashioned Chinese-made fried rice is a dish that feels good old taste! “Peace Palace”

大阪市北区 大阪府 大阪駅 駅名から

It is between JR Osaka station and Hankyu Umeda station Shin Umeda eating area, various shops are wonderful and it is a fun dining area Also here are many Chinese restaurants. This time I went to “Peace Palace” there.     There are daily lunch and lunch menu in addition to others. There is a・・・

Even more if the dark eyes rice cooks like honey and Hakata dumplings. Osaka station front 4th building “Noodle ‘s room Kamigaura”

大阪市北区 大阪府 大阪駅

I went to a shop in Osaka station front 4th building to reputation that it is tasty of Umai Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen. There is a shop near the Marugame noodle on the 1st basement of the 4th building. It is just before the communication passage to the next building. (There are many cases that the・・・

You can meet up by walking upwards, super cheap Chinese on the second floor standing with Potun! Near Sannomiya station “Ni-ha Ramen”

三宮駅 中央区 兵庫県 神戸市

This time I’ve been hanging near Sannomiya station. San Francisco I think that there are many people going to the center town On the other hand, there is a shopping building with old-fashioned shopping street called Sanpal on the east side I went there because I found a cheap Chinese food nearby. It will be・・・

It is awkward in a good way, but this seasoning is good! “Yangtze River Ramen Prestige” in the east street shopping district groaning.

大阪市北区 大阪府 大阪駅

It is located off the main street of Higashi-dori shopping street I went to the prestigious of Yangtze River noodles. There are various stores in the Yangtze River Ramen There are different kinds of goodwill, menus and prices are somewhat different. There are multiple stores in Umeda such as prestigious, general head office, forest etc.・・・

The Chinese restaurant in the retro building near Kitahama Station attracts a reputable volume lunch “Longmen”

北浜駅 大阪市中央区 大阪府

I came to Kitahama! In the building of retro architecture located a few minutes after leaving Exit 6, the Chinese restaurant “Longmen” Lunch menu In abundance, menu of curry rice cooked homme seems to be popular as single item regular menu I would like to go eat it. Actually this building was built in 1921・・・

If you say cheap, early and honeymoon Chinese of the Tenjinbashi Muscle 6 chome, you should be “the eleventh”! Fried rice is also cheap! That price! What?

大阪市北区 大阪府 天神橋筋六丁目駅

I went to the Chinese restaurant “Happihachi” at the end point of the Tenjinbashi muscle shopping street (north side, towards Tianyuro). Do you read here with Ohaco, or do you read with Ju Hachiban It looks like Juhachiban when examining. Originally there was one store per celestial, but it closed Currently it has become only・・・

Before eating it is a fried ramen fried rice or something … not at all! What flavor? What? “Noodle Shop Takumi” near Itami station

伊丹市 伊丹駅(阪急) 兵庫県

I went to Ikeda by myself for a while and on the way home By the way, remembering that there was a ramen shop that brought out fried rice in the vicinity of Itami station By doing immediate right away! I went to “Noodle Shop Takumi” near Hamamatsu Itami Station. Ramen also seems to be・・・