Takatsuki, a town where you can live, is healed by the warm reception of clerks.

  • 2020.01.25

I ’m a char hunter.This time I came to JR Takatsuki Station for the first time in a long time. Speaking of JR Takatsuki, since last time in dumpling heaven.JR and Hankyu are close enough to be selected as the 10th place to live in OsakaThere are department stores, supermarkets, shopping districts and bars, so you can feel comfortable living.However, Green Plaza and Matsuzakaya are a little spirited, so do your best! ! Because there are various shops, I want to conquer around the station for the time beingThis time, we will be at a tandan noodle shop called “Kyodan  […]

The dragon Chinese you meet in Himeji, the menu with a wide selection of variations is the best! For preparation before going to the castle ◎

  • 2020.01.18

This time it is a bit far from Osaka, but I got off at Himeji, a well-known store, because of work We had fried rice firmly. Himeji also has a variety of specialty gourmet dishes, such as toro-yaki okonomiyaki Himeji Oden, almond butter and almond butter is. (Please note that I am not sure if the above is a true specialty …) I don’t know if it’s a specialty, but there is a pork soup shop on the north side of JR Himeji Station It is a set meal shop such as pork juice and tonkatsu, but the pork juice […]

Don’t be tossed by dumplings that are too cheap, come in with your will! Itami’s red Chinese

  • 2020.01.16

Thanks! Today, I went to “Red China” in Itami, which I had been worried about for a long time. I think it’s probably a specialty of this shop, but the gyoza is very cheap and it seems to be quite delicious. It seems that the price is 110 yen, In the past it seemed to be cheaper in the past because of the consumption tax Still this price is startling. And it seems to be a rich menu besides dumplings (Well, it may be natural to say that the menu is abundant because it is a Chinese restaurant, but) There […]

At last it’s the Royal Palace! A fried rice specialty store with a bullish menu as well as a price, fried rice king of Shimbashi

  • 2020.01.13

This time, I am coming to Tokyo for expedition or work. The place where I was investigating various things to eat and eat home-cooked rice in Tokyo As expected, there are various stores such as Tokyo and big cities, 1 hour by train if you are wondering what to do Many places that are a bit far I found one store near Shinagawa where I am currently. “Fried rice king” near Shimbashi station! ! As you can see from the store name, it looks like a fried rice specialty store According to the homepage Many fried rice in the world […]

Tenjinbashi Shopping Street is a great value wallet-friendly Chinese restaurant, No. 18! ※ It was like before …

A popular Chinese restaurant “Juhachiban” at a great price and good taste just north of Tenroku in the Tenjinbashi shopping street I actually went there and reviewed it before, This time I want to eat a new fried rice menu. The store stands casually and powerfully after passing through the shopping street and crossing the intersection. Stable orange sign, a little new like a little rain gutter vinyl? I thought a little in advance what to do and entered the store. * There is a large menu sign on the right side of the entrance, so I thought a little […]

Fried rice with Tenma noodle “noodles and lotus and noodles” that you can eat the ultimate Bamboo noodles is exquisite volume

  • 2018.11.25

It is a 5-minute walk from Temma station on the JR Ring Line “Noodles and lotus and cod roe” reputed to be good taste noodles Since I also have fried rice in the menu here, I went there as it might be delicious fried rice. About the third year after opening It has a considerably high score at the certain net eating walk site It is a terrible … one word. Regarding the location of the shop, walk to the west from Temma station, to the city office in the Kita Ward, Osaka city It is in the place which […]

The arrangement of Ajinomoto’s shrimp praf was delicious even if it failed, it was a superb frozen food

  • 2018.10.23

Long time no see. I feel bad condition at some cost I was not eating fried rice …. Well I eat for the first time in a while, Even though it’s been a long time, this is it! I feel it. I would like to eat lots of AJINOMOTO appliances of frozen foods. Actually there are ways to eat that I want to do from before I also want to challenge it. Let ‘s go soon! !   This is a husband that everyone knows well, so I do not think there is any need for explanation Is not it […]

It is slightly expensive, but it is delicious, with a lot of ingredients and taste deeply, the winding of the cooked rice and dish of the Central Element

  • 2018.10.11

I went to the central eaves of the Tenjinbashi shopping street near Temma station. It is quite expensive price setting and I feel it I only go there when I am rewarded to myself, I happened to go to Lucky because the set menu coincided with that special price on that day! If you say what is the advantage menu, dish-chan set menu (dish udon + small fried rice) This is It was 1300 yen → 1020 yen! ! I feel that the original 1,300 yen is quite expensive, but … hmm. Although it is not good to say things […]

Seven-Eleven Superintendent of Ginza Delhi Dry curry was delicious which jumped several times in arrangement

Frozen food of Seven Eleven this time I wonder if this is a new work. I bought “Ginza Delhi supervision under dry curry”. It is quite luxury goods at about 300 yen. Well it’s natural to be a convenience store … It looks delicious as I also see the package. By the way, with Ginza Deli https://www.delhi.co.jp/store/ginza.php Because I attach with Ginza, I think that it is expensive, or about a setting like a little expensive Indian curry shop. It is high normally, but with Ginza, it seems a bit cheaper if it’s a kore, Words with magical power, Ginza. […]

In Japan, Daiichi Asahi has nine lines, its part, Kobe Daiichi Asahi’s fried rice is very charming and it feels quite a bit strange.

  • 2018.09.27

There was also in the title Ramen called Daiichi Asahi is divided into several factions As far as I looked it seems to have nine lines. This time I went to Kobe Daiichi Asahi which is one corner of it. Kyoto’s first Asahi is also famous as it is a famous place other than Kobe. There are 6 shops in the city in Kobe. This time I went to the Sannomiya western shop under the elevated Sannomiya station.     While the price of recent ramen shop has a high price setting such as ramen cup 800 yen or 900 […]

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